An Angel…. for encouragement?



Last Sunday, 5th August 2012, I was the female backing vocalist for the worship leader. (I will update on my where-abouts of serving in church in another blog)

For now, I must tell this.

I suppose I was feeling nervous or perhaps discouraged for whatever reason. Mostly I would think, afraid that I would mess up my singing and most of all, the worship.

Just before service started, I went to the ladies to prep myself before going on stage, before worship started. While I was there, a lady of probably in her late 50s, on the heavier side, with thick blue liner under her eyes and a red ribbon around her head, walked in. She wanted to wash her hands. Strangely, there was no handsoap available except from the handbasin where I was standing. So I offered her a space. She took the soap and started to wash her hands. And our conversation started…

LADY: Aren’t you the backing vocalist from LAST WEEK?
(WOW!, she recognised)
ME: Yes, I was. (smiled)
LADY: Well Done. You did a very good job.
ME: You could hear? (silly question, of course she should
be able to hear me)
LADY: Of course. But not all the time.
ME: Oh Gosh…
LADY: Why?
ME: I’m just so afraid that being heard means, I might be sounding awful or going off key.
LADY: Not at all. You did a great job! You have a very powerful voice.
ME: (smiles) Thank You!.

And she left.

I went back on stage before pre-worship and scanned the room for her.

I never saw her. I couldn’t find her.




Coming back to this site every now and then surprises me with how many hits I have. It ain’t no big deal but amazingly, I’m awed to notice that there are readers at my page..possibly by chance or checking for specific information..I don’t know.

I’ve stopped writing for a while now due to time constraints..most probably. I do hope to come back to my writings to the glory of God. I have personally dedicated this page to write concerning the wonderful things my God has blessed me with and to share my experiences with all so that you may be encouraged also in your walk of life. There is so much to share that I hope when the time comes for me to start again, I will be reminded of it.

The Lord has indeed blessed me and my family tremendously since my last writings. We are blessed with a new home to call our own…one that He says that He will provide and has done so faithfully. In the midst of moving, we were yet again blessed with our second child, which I am now pregnant with at 7 and 1/2 months. The timing is as usual according to Him and is perfect. We found out just about 3 weeks later after settling down in our new house. A new home, a new baby…what could be more perfect?

I, of course, have slowed down at the moment from playing for worship in church and guiding the youth team, as I am taking my time slowly with this baby and settling the things of the house. In due time, once the baby is delivered, I will be back to the Lord’s calling on my life. I can’t wait as there is so much to do.

I will share more and hopefully to write most on bigger topics as to how the Lord has taught us to live our lives and how He is blessing us so much. PRAISE BE TO MY LORD, JESUS CHRIST. 

Coming Soon..


Hi!!!! OK OK….I know I have not been writing but trust me…I have a couple of writings up my sleeve…Just need some extra time to put it up… It’ll be coming soon, ok…thanks for supporting still and coming to my site…and reading. It’s nothing much but I hope that in some way, it will inspire some of you and to get to know the Awesome God I have!!!

Packages from Heaven

It’s hard sometimes trying to get someone to believe in God, and not just any God but our Father, maker of heaven and earth, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour; and the Holy Spirit, our Comforter and Strength. The Lord taught me the way to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ; that is through our lives. Our daily lives are to be a living testimony of the glory of God. His abundant love for us, blessings overflowing, grace and mercy that are new everyday allows us to live in His presence everyday.  

I feel that I must share about the blessings the Lord has poured upon me… just like the river in heaven that flows continuously. I pray that sharing this will indeed be a testimony of the grace of God that is upon my life and will somehow open your eyes and hearts to see what a wonderful Friend I have.  

Ever since I got married, the blessings and the watchful eye of God was upon my family. Honest to say, we were struggling in most aspect you could think of. We were short in finances and we were both out of a job. However, the Lord was never late. He soon provided my husband with a job which he was working for almost 5 years and now have recently blessed him with an even better job. The Lord does wondrous things.  

The Lord has also worked magnificently with me all these years. We have achieved so much in just 5 years. When we were married, we were renting a place to stay; but the Lord heard our prayers for a home. We will be moving in end of this year to our own house. Not only that, by blessing hubby with a new job, we are now more than able to pay our installments comfortably. The Lord is good. He knows our burdens and needs; and if we choose to cast our cares upon Him, as He has offered to take it, He indeed cares for us.  

The gracious Lord also blessed us with our beautiful little girl, Sarah; a bright, bubbly little girl who is full of expression, affection and funny antics. She is indeed a huge blessing in our lives. I won’t talk much about her here. I already have another blog mostly on her. I must add that we have also been blessed with wonderful parents; who have been so supportive in view of finances, love and advice. This is one package not to be missed.

 Ah yes, of course, my hubby is also a package from heaven. It is hard to find a good man for a husband. I am most grateful to the Lord for this. He is most faithful in the Lord; and just like me, trusts in the Lord for providing for all our needs, for protection, for strength and for comfort. Although we do have some disagreements at times, I’m glad to say that he is usually the bigger man; that I am most grateful for. I will also stop myself from bragging about him because this is supposed to be a testimony of my life to the glory of Jesus Christ.  

So the Lord has blessed me with a wonderful man, a beautiful baby, finances, our own home, family and friends. What more could I ask for? But the Lord knows my heart’s desires. I have come to a level of maturity to know that I live to serve the Lord. When I was a child, I would have loved to be a pop star. I’m sure that is many little girl’s dream. I wanted to sing and dance and be famous. Of course, it never came to pass. However, now that I’m all grown up and have dedicated myself to the work of the Lord, He has opened a door into that reality. I’m not saying that I’m going to become a pop star. Do not be mistaken but that dream has been turned into a testimony to give glory to God. I now work towards becoming a worship leader. I’ve never much been a person of vision and goals to achieve; but this is different. I now have a vision and a dream; a vision to become the harvester of souls for the Lord; to sow as many seeds that I possibly can in this lifetime and reap the harvest once ripe. This, I have shared with the Lord and He is blessing me in this path of purpose.  

It is awesome when you submit yourselves and your desires to the Lord. He will take it, sanctify it and give back to you more than you could ever imagine. I admit that I was skeptical before I took up the privilege of handling a new music team for my church; but the Lord assured me. He has prepared the path for me;  indeed He has. You must know that once your leaning is only on the Lord, you do not have to struggle so much to achieve something. I say it this way because there will definitely be trials and tests that will come your way; but take courage that the Lord never tests your weaknesses. He only wants to make you stronger in your strengths and from that learn to deal with your weaknesses.  

I am glad that I go through many tests because I can proudly say that I have come out of it well. However the glory goes to the Lord because without His strength in me and His friendship with me, I would have faltered.  I could write a lot more testimonies but you get the point. All Glory goes to the Lord God Almighty!!

Worship Team

A lot has happened this month. I would say the climax started from the month of July. First and foremost I must mention about our new worship team. We consist of 6 members;

Daniel (my hubby, vocals),   Matthew (15 year-old, electric guitarist),   Rubina (web expert or something, pianist-8th grader cum violinist soon, extra vocals),    Sabesha (fashionable college student cum active dance competitor, drummer),   Ruby (my lil sis, working student, bass guitarist),    Myself (vocals-lead-somewhat, pianist back-up no-grade, team ‘manager’)  

It would be too long to explain how this team came about. But we started practicing in March. After so many months of ‘jamming’, we were offered a slot to play for the ‘All Night Prayer’ meeting for our church. *The all-nighter only happens once a month, started in July.* Doubtful of our readiness to play for a whole hour of worship, the team agreed to do it anyway. We began our practices towards the big day. I give credit to the whole team. We all worked hard. Our guitarist, Matthew probably worked the hardest. The youngest of us and has the biggest part to play. He had to play lead instrument for the first time. Our pianist and drummer, unfortunately, couldn’t play because we didn’t have the instruments in the church. That didn’t stop us though. We were also short of the bass because my sister, Ruby aka Bass guitarist couldn’t make it for the first prayer meeting. So with Matt, electric guitarist, Dan, Rubina & myself, vocals. We hit the road.  

Conclusion: We weren’t disappointed. The flow was a bit choppy but we managed to make worship out of it. Only sad thing is that this group is made out of most of the youth of the church. So there we were, all on the stage, the fuddy-duddies on the floor, who’s gonna jump-jump mack-a-daddy with us? I’m sure the Lord was. Praise God.  

In comes August and the next all-nighter. We practiced hard at our songs. This time around, we had more of the church including the pastor and family. Before I forget to mention, first all-nighter only had about 10 – 15 people as mostly were sick or out of town. So this time around we had almost everyone. I felt butterflies. Heck, and I’m supposed to be the ‘worship leader’. Anyway, this time around we had the electric and bass guitarist. The vocalists were the same. I reminded the team about the Scripture, ‘Not by might, nor by power but by my Spirit, says the Lord of Host.’ I also reminded them that only by the grace of God and by the strength of the Holy Spirit, can we do anything. I’m sure they took it to heart and released themselves to the flow of the Holy Spirit.We had our drummer doing tambourine instead and hyping it up on the floor. We hit the road again. The Lord did a great work in us. 

Conclusion: We did a better job than the one before. Remember this, 15 year-old Matt playing lead with me queuing him every now and then; Ruby, playing better than her practices and us vocalists singing our hearts out. There was nothing better at that moment. We got good comments from the pastor. We had confirmation of the Presence of the Lord coming and flowing in that place. It was awesome. Now we have options of playing weekly for the weekly prayer meeting. Our pastor also asked if we were ready to do worship for a new place where he will be doing his ministry of teaching the Word. My heart skips. The Lord is indeed opening up doors of avenues to play…in the marketplace…where I want to be lead to lead worship.  

It’s amazing how fast things can work out when you submit yourself to the will of the Lord. He will give you your heart’s desires and He knows very well, the desires of my heart. As he has spoken to me and assured me of things He will do and ways He will work in me and through me, I really cannot wait. However the time of waiting sometimes gets the better of me. I slack sometimes but I know that as long as I pick myself up, continue to trust the Lord of my life, He is there holding me, never once actually letting me fall. We are so carnal to think that we fall so often when the Lord is actually holding us up sideways.  

It is funny how the things we say or do, or the murmurings we sound, are actually glorifying ourselves in our uselessness. And to think that the more agony we are in and the more people hear about it will actually make us feel better, which in fact is contrary to what we believe. HA!!! I’m going off into another topic.  

So what I want to say this time is that, this new worship team of my church that I’m managing is absolutely awesome. Though we are hardly any professionals at all, we are making an effort to serve the Lord in ways that we can; to acknowledge our purpose in the Lord and to do a work for the Lord. It is our REASONABLE SERVICE!

The Lord be Magnified!!

I have been slow on my writings on this site. I have so many testimonies to share and so much glory to give to God. I have been slacking. No, don’t think that I am condemning my own slack. Au Contraire. Is that how they say it? I have been …sigh… yes lazing around with other stuff on my mind and am sluggishly coming back to my writings…even on my other ‘uncategorised’ blogs.

 I hope that time will allow me to start back on my sharing of the blessings of God pouring over me and the anointing that he is giving me. The strength that he has given me and the abundant love that he is showing me. I was going through a mentally burden and stagnant period but the good Lord has assured me again that he cares for me and is watching over me, still and forever. He is the one in control and making things work out.

 I forget sometimes how the work that I do is to be a work unto the Lord and not for myself and anyone else. That the things I do, most importantly is appreciated by the Lord and is pleasing to Him. That in all I do, I obey Him and give all that is mine to Him. That in all I do, I am serving the Lord and not anyone else and most of all, not myself. That in all I do, the LORD be MAGNIFIED and GLORY given to HIM and HIM alone.

How To Start A Christian Music Ministry

Pray. Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all things will be added unto you.Whenever we want to get up to something; be it new or old; we first asks thousands of questions and do a thorough research before jumping into it. What more when it comes to the Christian Music Ministry or any ministry for that matter.

Personally, I believe that whatever work we do, whether serving in a secular job or a ministry for the Lord, it is given by God. You can’t just jump out of bed one day and decide you want to start a band and sing Christian songs and then just do it. Sure, who’s stopping you if you have the means or ways? However, to do the specific work of the Lord, I believe must be a calling from God.

The Lord has every purpose and destiny planned for us. We must seek Him for it. To do the work of the Lord as in expanding the kingdom of God through music must be a blessing from the Lord. We cannot make it happen on our own. It is a privilege to be a servant of God; to be CHOSEN as a servant of God. Therefore we cannot simply decide to do something at our own whim and fancy. Not only will pride overtake us, we would credit ourselves and be eaten away in our own little world.

Once you know you have the calling to start a Christian Music Ministry, PRAY! Ask the Lord for every step to take but do not just leave all the work to Him. You may make your plans and discuss with Him. He will direct your paths. If He has chosen for you to do this, He will prepare the way and provide all necessary means for you to get it done. You should not be a slave to try and make it happen. Everything will flow smoothly, as long as you continue to pray and seek Him for guidance and trust in Him and not in your own ways.

That I believe is the first and foremost, most important thing you need to do before you start ANY ministry.

**This is not a lesson. I submitted this for a contest on a website.**


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela

Share this with somebody who already has this understanding, as reinforcement. But more importantly, share this with those who do not have a clear understanding of what it means to be a Christian, so that the myth that Christians think they are “perfect” or “better than others can be dispelled.

Christians – By Maya Angelou

When I say… “I am a Christian”

I’m not shouting, “I’m clean living’.

” I’m whispering, “I was lost,

Now I’m found and forgiven.”

When I say… “I am a Christian”

I don’t speak of this with pride.

I’m confessing that I stumble

and need Christ to be my guide.

When I say… “I am a Christian”

I’m not trying to be strong.

I’m professing that I’m weak

And need His strength to carry on.

When I say… “I am a Christian”

I’m not bragging of success.

I’m admitting I have failed

And need God to clean my mess.

When I say… “I am a Christian”

I still feel the sting of pain.

I have my share of heartaches

So I call upon His name.

When I say… “I am a Christian”

I’m not holier than thou,

I’m just a simple sinner

Who received God’s good grace, somehow!

** This was forwarded to me through the email. I do not claim any property over this but only to share it. This is the official website of the writer : Maya Angelou is a poet, educator, historian, best-selling author, actress, playwright, civil-rights activist, producer and director.

Worth Mentioning

On Tuesday, I went to pick hubby up from work. Just as we were leaving the office premises, we were met by the hired Indian gardener at the gate. He looked up, gave us a genuinely sweet smile and saluted as we left. I was impressed by his smile. Even by a quick glance, I must admit, I was fascinated.Then Daniel started telling me about him. This guy is actually an Accountant and he speaks fantastic English. We started making our assumptions about why he was working as a gardener. So the list started. Anyway to cut the blog shorter, I was impressed about his charisma. He spoke words with his smile. Even Dan agreed that his smile was probably one of the most inviting smiles he had ever seen. I totally agree. Dan also goes to mention that the gardener is ‘always’ in a cheery mood. He greets Daniel by the name every time they meet and I’m sure with a smile.
It’s amazing to meet people like that. I’m sure this guy gets the dirt at his job and yet, he comes here to do another work in a new aura.

He reminds of this story that I know; about this guy, who comes home from work and just before he enters the house, he pretentiously hangs (actions and all) his troubles and problems on a tree outside his house. He walks in to his family with a smile and a glad heart. His worries are put on hold for the day and in the morning, before he leaves, he looks at the tree to pick up his troubles where he left them and realizes that they aren’t there anymore.

Isn’t it great if we could all achieve that? I must say that I’m not perfect in doing that as often as I like but I’ve put a lot more control over any problems that I have. I have my own personal tree to hang them on. However, my tree is carved. It’s beautiful. It’s the CROSS.

For the Worshipping Heart

Of all my Fifty and One ideas to slog about, I suddenly felt inclined to write about this . I ain’t no expert on this matter. In fact, I’m far from it. We can never be experts when it comes to doing a job for God. When you think you’re there and you can’t grow anymore, the Lord opens up another level of challenge for us. We might think we are pretty pro at the job at it pastoring, mentoring, ministering..the list continues.. and yet suddenly, the Lord brings us down on our knees, gives us grace and teaches us something new. And we begin again, our journey of that subject. It’s amazing! Now why am I writing about this?..I’ll tell you why.

It began just this past week when I started teaching Sarah the word ‘Awesome’. Today while at my own work, I came upon a realization of that word. AWE. My simplest and quickest thesaurus check was with MS Word. And the meaning for the word ‘awe’ is fear & wonder. Similarly, the synonyms were dread, terror, fright and a few more. I began to wonder about the lyrics we sing at church or the way we express ourselves with the Lord. Some lyric lines are such, ‘ I stand in awe of you’, ‘How awesome is your presence’, & many, many more. Hmm.. fear? dread? fright? Now those are scary words. But in essence, we ARE to feel fear / awe of such an AWEsome God. Personally I prefer to use reverence (sounds milder), admiration and wonder. Now that’s more like it. Some of us, in our quiet times, think of nonsense while some of us, marvel at the wonders of creation…nature, space, human..etc..while there are some who think of God. We wonder what all this thing is about. But let’s not get there. I might start a whole revolution talk here. Anyway, being in AWE is the essence of our worshipping hearts. When we bring ourselves to the AWEsome presence of an AWEsome God. We are to stand, bow, kneel, prostrate before the AWEsome glory of the Living God.
As I’m studying, learning and reading up on the subject of worship & praise. I am in awe / wonder of the works of the Lord in the works of these people – worship leaders. And at certain times, I’m pulled to the ground of my own inadequacy. I have nothing to offer. I can sing but not to save my life. I can play the piano which will bring Mozart to his death. And yet, I’m comforted to know that all these worship leaders or people called to the ministry are neither perfect nor average. While I’m ‘condemning’ my own scarcity, the Lord proves my life is of EXTRAordinary in Christ. That’s grace. And what do I do? I’m in AWE!! It make you ‘wonder’ at the love of this amazing, AWEsome God. He never allows us to condemn ourselves or even to think lowly of ourselves. Not even in just one minute. He puts us next to His AWEsome heart and keeps us safe and loved. He deals with us in His own loving way, He keeps us in the shadow of His Mighty Wings and shelters Noah…and gives us life eternal. SELAH!! How AWESOME is that!!