Pray. Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all things will be added unto you.Whenever we want to get up to something; be it new or old; we first asks thousands of questions and do a thorough research before jumping into it. What more when it comes to the Christian Music Ministry or any ministry for that matter.

Personally, I believe that whatever work we do, whether serving in a secular job or a ministry for the Lord, it is given by God. You can’t just jump out of bed one day and decide you want to start a band and sing Christian songs and then just do it. Sure, who’s stopping you if you have the means or ways? However, to do the specific work of the Lord, I believe must be a calling from God.

The Lord has every purpose and destiny planned for us. We must seek Him for it. To do the work of the Lord as in expanding the kingdom of God through music must be a blessing from the Lord. We cannot make it happen on our own. It is a privilege to be a servant of God; to be CHOSEN as a servant of God. Therefore we cannot simply decide to do something at our own whim and fancy. Not only will pride overtake us, we would credit ourselves and be eaten away in our own little world.

Once you know you have the calling to start a Christian Music Ministry, PRAY! Ask the Lord for every step to take but do not just leave all the work to Him. You may make your plans and discuss with Him. He will direct your paths. If He has chosen for you to do this, He will prepare the way and provide all necessary means for you to get it done. You should not be a slave to try and make it happen. Everything will flow smoothly, as long as you continue to pray and seek Him for guidance and trust in Him and not in your own ways.

That I believe is the first and foremost, most important thing you need to do before you start ANY ministry.

**This is not a lesson. I submitted this for a contest on a website.**